Our projects

Support service for HIV positve children and women

The project started in March 2007.

The main objectives of the project is to provide available social-psychological services for HIV positive women from socially vulnerable froups and maintain families with HIV positive children.  HIV-positive women and their children, improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ART), stimulate people living with HIV/AIDS to fight for their rights, develop self-help groups and attract society attention to HIV issues.


Activity with families occurs in several stages. First of all, we search for HIV-positive children who are not observed in state healthcare institutions. Over the five years of the project, we found out and delivered by our car to specialist on children's infectious diseases 38 children infected with HIV. Once we establish contact with family, we provide it conditions for regular medical supervision of child. 

In our interventions we use model of self-empowerment aimed at streamlining and strengthening of internal resources of women from vulnerable groups to change their attitude to the upbringing and care of children to more responsible.

If drug using parents are unable to adequately care for their child but retain still social relationship with other family members, we help to inform relatives about diagnosis and attract them to treatment of child. 

We provide families with HIV positive children psychological and social support, maintain them in obtaining benefits to improve their economic situation; help to overcome bureaucratic barriers; create conditions for children’s development and leisure. 

A lot of efforts we apply to ensure that children whose parents have died or been deprived of parental rights, remain in their family and not sent to orphanages. 

Because of the rapid spread of tuberculosis among people living with HIV is one of the greatest challenges in Sverdlovsk region early detection and prevention of tuberculosis among clients of our services is the major direction of our activities. A special attention is paid to the timely screening for tuberculosis of parents of the HIV positive children.

Our NGO has its own mobile service and provides home health visits for vulnerable families where HIV positive children live. These children are supplied with food, vitamins, pampers; they are picked up by our car to the AIDS centre for examination and consultation.

To create conditions for harmonious development of children with HIV, three centers of creativity were established, where social work educators, children psychologists, speech therapists are working using special age-appropriate programs. The development programs aim at improving the mental health of children, correction of defects of speech, intellect, creativity and interests of child, preparing for school. Teachers create conditions for the positive emotional state of children on a regular basis; celebrate holidays and birthdays of children. Children and their parents attend theaters, go on nature.

The presence of a sick child in a family, fears for his life and health, the lack of work, emotional and physical problems bear heavily on HIV positive mothers. They have left neither the time nor the energy to worry about their own health or do not have somebody who agrees to spend some time with their children to visit a doctor. Social worker looks after children, while their mothers visit the doctors or labs.

More then 30% of HIV positive children living in the Sverdlovs region are supported by our our organisation.

23.06.2017 by the order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Novoye Vremya Foundation was included in the register of non-profit organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent.