Narrative report 2018-2020

For more than 20 years Novoye Vremya Foundation carries out activity in HIV/AIDS/TB field to decrease further spread of socially significant diseases in Russia.

Since June 2018 our organisation has been implementing the project aimed to children, adolescents from families affected by HIV and drug use protect themselves against health and life-threatening influence, and use the acquired knowledge, skills, charitable support to stabilize their health and living circumstances and overcome their social exclusion

310 HIV positive children (179 of them live in the small towns) and 408 HIV negative children, living in families affected by HIV infection were supported by Novoye Vremya during two last years and 327 adult carers
84% of the participating children and adolescents noticed positive changes with regard to health status, dealing with conflicts, knowledge of aid and support structures, the presence of responsible caregivers.
63% of adult carers respond positively about changes with regard to sense of responsibility towards their children / wards, assistance in difficult situations, health care.

Due to our active work on attracting clients into the project, development of cooperation with state support services, popularity of the project among clients, a bigger amount of clients made use of the project services than planned.

HIV-positive children have received social and psychological support that facilitated improvement of social situation, emotional and psychological condition, adherence to medical follow-up and treatment. Their iving conditions have been improved through regular medical care and treatment, granting of the guardianship, receipt of state social benefits, participation in development programs, establishing contacts with other children.

HIV positive women have improved their personal standard of living identifying the source of existence or through employment or through social support, restoring family contacts, learning to solve their own problems and the problems of their children actively. They demonstrate responsibility for their health and comply with the rules of medical care and treatment.

Long-term impact of the project is determined by the changes that happen at different levels. Our clients, changing themselves, affect people around them: members of their families, partners, specialists of state and non-governmental organizations that they come in contact with. Reducing internal stigma, extending their potential and raising the level of responsibility change attitude to them, reduce discrimination and stigmatization of people with HIV, reduce the tension in the society. Project clients also influence other people living with HIV by brining health preserving behavior models into HIV-positive society, as well as behavior models that prevent spread of HIV-infection and tuberculosis, reduction of abuse in a family, reduction of negative consequences of addictions. 

 23.06.2017 by the order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the Novoye Vremya Foundation was included in the register of non-profit organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent.